LAYERS – The Olive Consort, recorder quartet




The Olive Consort presents a program that illustrates the origins of polyphony, the composition of music for more than one part, in the western world. European music, as we commonly know it, would never have existed without the revolutionary and visionary developments that started to take place in the 12th century and subsequently exploded in the next few hundred years. All the pieces in the program, to be found in various sources in music history between 1200 and 1500, are precious examples of this development. The instrumental music in this period developed in the form of LAYERS, created by the accumulation of ever-more innovative techniques and compositions. Layers of development of polyphony, that departed from Organum and found its way to free four-part counterpoint via Hoquetus, various Canon techniques and composition on a Cantus Firmus. The program itself is likewise structured on the idea of layers, much like a thickly loaded club sandwich, where the fragments of Organum symbolize the layers of toast.


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