Olive Music Editions

OME 001 First complete edition of one of the principal sources of Ars Subtilior ca. 1400. A real compendium of fourteenth century music and performance practice. www.modenacodex.com

OME 002 Also available as a spiral-bound Performer’s edition in 2 Vol.

OME 003 Olive Music Editions is happy to announce its Opus 2, the Series Musica sine Littera , instrumental and textless repertoire in manuscripts between 1200 and 1500.

Hardcover Edition available now!

OME 003-S Spiral bound Performer’s edition

Spiral bound Edition available now!

OME BACH 1 Free Download!


OME BACH 2 Free Download!!

OME Bach2: Essays before a Partita (NEW)

OME 004 The NEW Olive Music Editions publication: All textless and instrumental music written between 1100 and 1500!
340 pages of pure monodic excitement! Available in paperback, hardcover and spiral-bound edition.

OME005 The first complete edition of Ars Subtilior composer Anthonello de Caserta

which features all his french and italian works, plus a number of tentative ascriptions.

Available in hardback, paperback and spiral-bound versions. 180 pages music and commentary.