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Welcome to Olive music. As active musicians, we have gravitated towards repertoire that is not main stream and therefore often unavailable. Our musical activities include the production of CD’s, the organisation of the medieval summer courses of the Settimana Musicale del Trecento and musical publications @ Olive Music Editions We also have a great love for good food and therefore have chosen to live in the Tuscan countryside and produce beautiful extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Music is linked to the Belgian Et’cetera label for better distribution and visibility. You will find both Etcetera and Olive Music logos and catalog numbers on the CD’s. Our catalog features music from the 14th century (Trecento, Squarcialupi Codex, Chantilly Codex, Matteo da Perugia, Santenay),15th century (Guillaume Dufay, Santenay, The Oxford Ms. Canonici 213),16th century (The Olive Consort), English renaissance (William Byrd, Henry Butler, John Jenkins, William Lawes and Made of melting snow – Elizabethan consort songs), Italian 17th century (Carlo Farina – Pavane and Gagliarde, Viola Bastarda, Pianger di Dolcezza – Italian monody, Discorsi delle Comete – Daimonion), French baroque period (Ténèbres, Louis Marchand), J.S. Bach and family (Sonatas and Partita, J.Ch. Bach, Ein Goldbergwerk), Classical period (Ludwig van Beethoven – Complete Violin Sonatas), and 20th/21st centuries (Monografia, Songs of Charles Ives, Spray, Ugly Pug).

Kees Boeke

Kees Boeke was born in Amsterdam. After studying at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (recorder with Frans Brüggen and cello with Anner Bijlsma), from which he graduated with honors, he founded the ensemble Quadro Hotteterre (1968-1988). He was for many years a member of the medieval and Renaissance Ensemble Syntagma Musicum (Kees Otten) and co-founder of Sour Cream (1972), Little Consort Amsterdam (1978) and the Ensemble Mala Punica (1989). In 2001 he formed the medieval ensemble Tetraktys.


Jill Feldman

American-born soprano, Jill Feldman, is a leading artist in the field of medieval, baroque and classical performances. Her highly expressive style combines an agile vocal technique with close attention to the dramatic content, beauty and meaning of the text.

Modena Codex cover

Modena Codex

Olive Music‘s Modena Codex Edition is the first complete edition of this famous manuscript ever to be published. For the first time, all 104 compositions and ten related works have been brought together in a single volume by the authors Kees Boeke and Jos Haring. Every work has been transcribed in an innovative way and is individually accompanied by a descriptive analysis. All information from the manuscript, however insignificant it may appear, has been incorporated into our new transcriptions in order to facilitate research and to assist performers in their performance decisions. Suggestions for the use of instruments are given for each piece individually. An Introduction discusses the musical styles, the composers, instrumentation and is followed by a clear explanation of the editorial conventions used in this special book, that helps to bring the Ars Subtilior style to life for musicians, scholars and amateurs alike.

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Settimana Musicale del Trecento

The 7th International Study Week of Trecento Music will be held in the city of Arezzo from July 17th to 23rd , 2023: a course specializing in medieval music under the expert guidance of Kees Boeke (Ensemble Tetraktys, fiddle, recorder), Claudia Caffagni (Ensemble laReverdie, medieval lute, medieval notation), Jill Feldman (voice) and Claire Piganiol (medieval harps, portative organ). We offer courses in fourteenth-century musical notation, analysis and use of instrumentation, with special emphasis on the relationship between poetic text and music. On a practical level, courses are held for medieval ensembles including voice, medieval lute and harp, fiddle, organetto and recorders. The Study Week of Trecento Music will take place in the Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo as well as the church of San Pier Piccolo, part of the a former Benedictine monastery, in the heart of the city of Guido Monaco.

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