KTC1922: EIN GOLDBERGWERK: Recorder and harpsichord works around J.S. Bach Carsten Eckert-recorder, Alexandra Koreneva-harpsichord


Following Claudia Gerauer’s CD (KTC1913) with J.S. Bach arrangements of his flute sonatas and Partita, here is a new recording that expands this particular repertoire with exciting and unexpected fresh reworkings of compositions by Johann Sebastian and his sons Carl Philipp Emanuel and Wilhelm Friedemann, as well as his contemporaries G.Ph Telemann and J.G. Goldberg.



It seems that Bach himself understood the intricate texture, especially of his instrumental works, as an overarching aesthetic quality, the tonal implementation of which was not tied to a specific instrumentation. For example, a trio movement could be used as a sinfonia of a church cantata (BWV 76/8), but also as an introduction to an organ trio (BWV 76/8) with its distinctive instrumentation for oboe d’amore, viola da gamba and basso continuo without significant changes in its compositional substance (BWV 528/1). Carsten Eckert and Alexandra Koreneva take up this concept of adaptation and present their versions of some well-known and less well-known chamber music works from Johann Sebastian Bach’s circle.


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