OM 006: RAYUELA-Instrumental music with recorders between 1300 and 1650



Track Listing
1 O Virgo splendens, canon for 3 voices (Llibre Vermell)
Anonymous, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat

2 Aquil’ altera/Creatura gentil/Ucel de Dio, madrigal for 3 voices (also instrumental version)
Jacopo da Bologna

3 Tres dous compains
Anonymous, French

4 Tandernacken
Antoine Brumel

5 Recercada No. 1 sobre el madrigal O felici occhi miei
Diego Ortiz

6 Recercada No. 2 (Tratado de Glosas)
Diego Ortiz

7 Browning
John Baldwin

8 John come kiss me now, variations for keyboard, MB 81
William Byrd

9 Browning a 3
Elway Bevin

10 Bonny Sweet Robin
Thomas Simpson

11 Sonata a 4
Giovanni Battista Riccio

12 Sonata No.15 for 2 cornettos, dulcian, organ & continuo
Giovanni Battista Fontana

13 Division on a Ground in E minor, for viola da gamba, organ & theorbo (from the Division Violist, 1659)
Christopher Simpson

14 Sonata for 3 instruments & continuo No. 12 (Sonata Concertate II/12)
Dario Castello

15 Canzona in A minor, “La Rosignola”
Giovanni Battista Riccio


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