OM 010: VIOLA BASTARDA il Concerto delle viole Roberto Gini



Viola Bastarda OM 010

Roberto Gini Viola Bastarda
Mara Galassi Arpa doppia
Giovanni Togni Clavicembalo

Il Concerto delle Viole

This double CD gives a panoramic and exhaustive overview of the repertoire for the so-called Viola Bastarda, a six-string viola da gamba using various different tunings to enable the performance of large scale virtuosic diminutions and passaggi on madrigals and chansons of the mid-16th century.

Master gambist Roberto Gini plays on a reconstruction of an instrument with label Gasparo da Salò and bow after a wonderfully detailed design by Samacchini. He also uses the specific bowing technique with two fingers on the stick of the bow.

CD 1

1-Ricercata Quarta-Giovanni Bassano
2-Tocata per b quadro-Orattio Bassani
3-Dolce Me Moy-Vincenzo Bonizzi
4-Dulce memoria-Hernando Cabeçon
5-Dolce memoire-Girolamo Dalla Casa
6-Lasso che mal accorto fui-Oratio Bassani
7-Canzon francese detta Petit Jacquet.-An Andrea Gabrieli
8-Petit Iacquet-Girolamo Dalla Casa
9-Vestiva i colli-Francesco Rognoni
10-Così le chiome-Orattio Bassani
11-La bella netta ignuda e bianca mano A 4 voci-VicenzoBonizzi Parmeggiano.
13-(Senza titolo) Nasce la pena mia-Aurelio Virgiliano

CD 2

1-Ricercata per Viola Bastarda, e Lauto-Aurelio Virgiliano
2-Tocata-Orattio Bassani
3-Cara la vita mia-Orazio Bassani
4-Ancol que col partire-Antonio de Cabeçon
5-Ancor che col partire facile per la Viola bastarda.-Richardo Rogniono
6-Ancor che col partire per la Viola bastarda-Richardo Rogniono
7-Ancor che co’l partire-Girolamo Dalla Casa
8-Vergine bella che di sol vestita-Orazio Bassani
9-Io mi son giovinetta-Scipione Stella, Giovanni Domenico Montella e Ascanio Mayone.
10-Ben qui si mostra ‘l ciel-Girolamo Dalla Casa
11-Ben qui si mostra il ciel-Angelo Notari
12-Susana D’Orlando-Francesco Rognoni
13-Io son ferito hai lasso-Orazio Bassani


About the Viola Bastarda
I also wanted to make this little effort to make diminutions on some songs and madrigals a4 to be played on the viola bastarda, in which discipline you touch all parts, as those intelligent people do that do this for a profession.
Girolamo Dalla Casa 1584.

About the Viola Bastarda
The Viola Bastarda, which is the Queen of all instruments for making passaggi, is an instrument that is neither a tenor nor a bass viol, but it is in between in size. It is called Bastarda because it sometimes plays high, sometimes low, sometimes extremely high, now it plays this part, then an other, this time with new counterpoints, then again with passages in imitation….
Francesco Rognoni 1620.


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