Welcome to Olive music, a foyer created out of love for good music. As active musicians, we have gravitated towards repertoire that is not main stream and therefore often unavailable. Our desire is to help fill this gap.

We also have a great love for good food and therefore have chosen to live in the Tuscan countryside and produce beautiful extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Music is linked to the Dutch Etcetera label for better distribution and visibility. You will see both the Etcetera and Olive logos on the CD's. Also we will follow the Etcetera catalogue numbers, characterized by the prefix KTC (Chantilly OM 012=KTC 1900)

Our menu features music from the 20th century (Monografia, Ives Songs, Spray), 14th century (Trecento, Squarcialupi Codex, Santenay), French baroque period (Ténčbres, Louis Marchand),Italian 17th century (Farina: Pavane & Gagliarde, Roberto Gini: Viola Bastarda, Jill Feldman: Pianger di Dolcezza, Daimonion: Discorsi delle Comete), English renaissance (Byrd, Henry Butler, John Jenkins, Rayuela: Made of melting snow (Elizabethan consort songs and music)) , 15th century (Dufay, Santenay, The Oxford Ms. Canonici 213) and recorder music over the centuries (Rayuela).

To this colourful package we have added more Trecento repertory, in an ongoing series of our medieval ensemble TETRAKTYS, that will eventually comprise all 113 compositions from the Chantilly Codex (Vol. 1 & 2 & 3 available).

Pianist Jeannette Koekkoek and violinist Sarah Kapustin met at Bloomington University, Indiana and there started their very successful duo-career. Their fresh and original approach to the corpus of Beethoven's 10 Sonatas for piano and violin can be admired on our 4 CD release KTC 1904. Famous Dutch artist Jeroen Henneman (thank you Jeroen!) provided us with the cover art for this sumptuous 4 CD digipack.

Our latest releases feature Claudia Gerauer, recorder with Sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach, with Magdalena Malec, harpsichord and Toru Yamamoto, baroque cello

Mario Martinoli with The well-tempered (Domenico) Scarlatti;

The brilliant new Ensemble Daimonion featuring virtuoso italian 17th c. instrumental compositions Daimonion, with the title: Discorsi delle Comete

We are very grateful for the excellent work of our translators and collaborators, Anett and Laurenz Lütteken, Anne Stone, Christine Gentilhomme,and Charlotte Boersma of Artwize.

We try to capture the magic and spontaneity from the concerts in the recordings, which, we feel, can only be accomplished when the music has been performed many times and become a part of us.

Comedite amici et bibite et inebriamini.

design and production Artwize, Amsterdam